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Does Parking on a Curb Damage Tires? It’s Not a Simple Yes or No.

Let’s talk about the sides of your tires — they’re pretty sensitive, and squeezing into [...]

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Why Do I Keep Hitting Curbs? How to Avoid It When Parking

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Bulge or Bubble in Tire’s Sidewall: What to Do About It?

“When the inner layer of the tire gets damaged, air can seep between the tire’s [...]

What Exactly is a Rolled Curb? Here’s All You Need to Know

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I Hit a Curb With My Front Passenger Side: 6 Things to Expect

Everyone’s had that heart-stopping moment – a miscalculation, a slight distraction, and suddenly, you’ve hit [...]

The 9 Different Types of Curbs: A Quick Guide for Car Owners

When it comes to driveways, one element that’s often overlooked but undeniably crucial is the curb.  [...]

Scraped Bottom of Car Now Making Noise: 12 Possible Causes

There’s that moment of sheer panic when you hear the unsettling sound of metal grazing [...]