Step By Step Installation

Step 1: Placement of Ramp Sections

Place all Smooth Curb™ Driveway Ramp sections on the gutter, centering them to your driveway’s width.

Step 2: Prepare for Assembly

Turn each section upside down onto the street, aligning them parallel to the gutter.

Step 3: Connecting the Sections

Begin connecting the sections by inserting and securing the bolts and nuts provided. Use the outside holes provided.

Step 3 of Smooth Curb's install process

Step 4: Securing the Connections

Ensure all bolts are tightened. Slightly more than hand-tightened is all that is needed.

Step 4 of Smooth Curb's install process

Step 5: Final Placement

Carefully flip the ramp back into position and align it with your curb’s height.

Post Installation Adjustments

The Smooth Curb™ Driveway Ramp is designed to stay in place with minimal adjustments. If repositioning is needed, simply shift the ramp to the desired location.

Additional Center Section

Purchase an additional Smooth Curb™ center section to extend the width of your Smooth Curb™ system.