What method does Smooth Curb use to connect its ramp sections securely?

Your Smooth Curb™ ramp system is held together with easy-to-install bolts. To learn more about the installation process, visit our install guide.

How does Smooth Curb stay firmly in place when in use?

Smooth Curb™ is designed to fit in a rolled curb without much adjustment after installation. The sheer weight of our product holds it in place fairly well.

What design features does Smooth Curb have to facilitate water drainage?

Our curb ramp system is designed to allow water to flow underneath via a hollow center channel. 

Is Smooth Curb adaptable to curved driveway edges, like those in cul-de-sacs?

Definitely! If your driveway curb is curved, simply loosen the connector bolts to allow the ramp to flex to fit the curb. 

What is the process for returning or exchanging a Smooth Curb ramp if needed?

Please log into your account to request a return. Please note that we require a 30% restocking fee for all returns. 

In case of damage to Smooth Curb ramps during shipping, what should be done?

The Smooth Curb™ ramps are built to take a beating, making it unlikely that your ramp will be damaged during shipping. If the packaging is damaged upon delivery, your ramps are likely still in good shape.

If you do find your ramps to be damaged, please contact us immediately so that we can request a reimbursement from the shipping company.

Does Smooth Curb ship to locations outside the continental United States, like Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico?

At this time, no. We only ship to the continental United States.

Is there an option for expedited shipping with Smooth Curb?

Due to the weight of Smooth Curb™, shipping costs are very high. Because of this, expedited shipping is not available at this time. 

How can I track my Smooth Curb package during shipping?

Once your Smooth Curb™ ramp is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. You can use that information to track your shipment. 

How long does it typically take to install a Smooth Curb ramp?

Two people can usually install a Smooth Curb™ ramp in less than 15 minutes. 

Can Smooth Curb ramps be removed or relocated easily?

Yes. But, before you move your ramps, please disconnect the bolts to avoid damaging the product.

Are Smooth Curb ramps environmentally friendly or recyclable?

Yes! Our product is made from the highest quality 100% recycled rubber.